Impact100 Nashville and the Philanthropic Power of a Women’s Giving Circle

Our Purpose is to create a greater Nashville through empowering women to invest collectively in our community and to improve the capabilities of non-profits dedicated to the our area.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Ginger Duncan, President of Impact100 Nashville, who highlights the organization’s mission and efforts to leverage collaborative philanthropy to build a dynamic and diverse membership of generous women who accelerate positive social change in the greater Nashville area. Since its inception, Impact100 Nashville has empowered a diverse local group of women of all ages, stages in life, income levels, and backgrounds to come together to fund transformational grants of $100,000 in the Greater Nashville region.

During the interview, Ginger shares some of the history for the organization, talks about the model and grant making process, and spotlights the 2022 nonprofit grant award winners. She highlights the impact the organization is having on the women who are members, the nonprofits they work with, and the community at large, and how the community can support their efforts.


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