Beth Inglish highlights the Nashville Creative Group and efforts as artist and keynote speaker

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Beth Inglish, keynote speaker and founder of the Nashville Creative Group, who shares some of her personal story as a survivor of childhood trauma who learned how to use the power of creativity to heal. Founder of a 10,000 member artist community, she leads creatives to let go of fear and create with joy. Her artwork has appeared on nationally syndicated television shows, public art murals, in the homes and offices of private collectors around the world and even on the outside of a city bus. After starting stand-up comedy at age 37, Beth speaks to global organizations about the power of our imagination and how it can help us discover our potential.

During the interview, Beth shares some of her story, highlights the Nashville Creative Group, talks about being an artist and using art as a platform for public speaking and helping others, and shares some entrepreneurial advice for creatives and some of the major takeaways from her keynote presentations.

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