Conexión Américas: 20+ years of service to Latino community in Nashville

Building a welcoming community & creating opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute, succeed.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Martha Silva, Co-Executive Director of Conexión Américas, who highlights the Middle Tennessee-based nonprofit organization focused on building a welcoming community and creating opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute, and succeed. Conexion Americas was founded in 2002, and the name “Conexion Americas” speaks directly to the mission of connecting and building bridges between the Latino and the native-born residents of Middle Tennessee.

During the interview, Martha discusses the importance of their work and shares how the organization assists more than 9,000 Latino families each year through programs that focus on social, economic, and civic integration. She talks about their efforts centered around Education, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and how the community can get involved to enjoy and support their mission. Martha highlights their event space, Casa Azafran, and some of their events, including Cafecito 2023, an online fundraising event that runs through May 5, 2023.

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