Nurture the Next efforts to help parents build stable, nurturing homes.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kristen Davis, CEO of Nurture the Next, who highlights how the Middle Tennessee based nonprofit organization provides free and confidential services to help parents build stable, nurturing homes for their children by providing support for parents, crisis support, and advocacy and education.

Nurture the Next helps Tennessee families build the skills and confidence to create a caring environment needed for the healthy development of their young children. We do this through in-home services, parent mentorship, educational classes and crisis support. Our services are free to families and confidential.

During the interview, Kristen talks about their different programs and impact on the parents, how Nurture the Next has helped her personally as a mother, the importance of their work in the community and how companies and individuals can support their efforts, including through upcoming events like their Night with Nurture the Next on April 27, 2023.


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