SongwritingWith: Soldiers and power of helping veterans share their story.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jay Clementi, Music Director for SongwritingWith:Soldiers, who highlights the nonprofit organization’s mission and efforts to pair professional songwriters with veterans to share their story and connect with others through the songwriting process. Since its founding, the organization has served more than 2,000 combat veterans through retreats and partnership programs, and more than 1,000 songs have been written.

During the interview, Jay talks about their model and how the songwriting process impacts the veterans, their families and friends, as well as the songwriters and audiences around the world. He shares some powerful personal examples and how the organization will write with more than 1,000 veterans in 2023 to help them on their healing journey. He also talks about how the community can support their efforts and where you can listen to the songs.

Visit to learn more and listen to the songs.

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