Just Be Real Sis Podcast – Equity and Access for All: A Conversation with Carol Coletta


Some would say that it is impossible to manage a $50+ million collaboration of national and local foundations, local nonprofits and governments and still have a finger on the pulse of the community. Some would say that fostering innovation and the evolution of the civic common areas of 5 major cities is a daunting task. Our guest is accomplishing both and she will tell you that the South Memphis in her made it possible.


In this episode, Just Be Real Sis welcomes Carol Coletta. Carol is the president and CEO of the Memphis River Parks Partnership. She is leading a partnership, with a number of other businesswomen,  who are committed to creating common spaces in major cities with an important goal in mind, equity and access for all. Moreover, Carol understands the importance of community engagement and alignment. Carol speaks of the opportunities and benefits of citizens coming together to create city destinations that welcome everyone regardless of socioeconomic status or zip code. We discuss everything from the power of women working together, to the value of diversity and inclusion in city planning. In a phrase, she gets it. In our conversation, we heard Carol’s mission, but we also heard her heart. This is an episode where you will hear what advocacy really sounds like. There are so many life gems and REAL moments in this episode. Get your pens and notebooks ready! 

Carol Coletta
Dr. Angela Anderson
Andrew Bartolotta
Candace Morgan

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