New Book: Stifled, Where Good Leaders Go Wrong, by Jim Wetrich

STIFLED packs a punch with valuable leadership insights.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jim “Big Red” Wetrich, CEO of The Wetrich Group of Companies and author of “Stifled, Where Good Leaders Go Wrong,” who highlights his new book that shares lessons learned during his 40 year career in the health care, medical device and pharmaceutical industry. “Stifled” is for future-minded leaders who want to keep up with an unprecedented pace of change in the workplace and deal with the issues that result from these changes. The book explores the techniques of successful leaders and managers in detail, offering ideas and solutions to the challenges facing today’s organizations. During the interview, Jim talks about why he wrote the book, some of the major takeaways, and how it can be used as an ongoing tool for personal and professional development for you and your team.

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