Alicia Norman highlights NEXT Memphis and vision as new Director

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Alicia Norman, Director of NEXT Memphis, who shares some of her background and experience working for more than 25 years in Early Childhood Education and recently stepping into the role with NEXT Memphis, which is an initiative of Porter-Leath. NEXT Memphis was developed as a shared-service program model that helps independent childcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes so they can direct more of their attention and resources to the classroom and families. Porter-Leath has been a primary resource for Memphis children and families for more than 170 years, and the organization focuses on the essential building blocks of healthy development. During the interview, Alicia discusses NEXT Memphis and what makes the organization special, their services and impact, holistic approach to taking care of the youth and families, and importance of being part of Porter-Leath. She also talks about ways the community can support their efforts and why Early Childhood Education is so important to the success of Memphis and the Mid-South, as a whole.

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