Backrs: The Power of Connecting Students with Adult Mentors

We create networked communities of supporters around individual young people to affirm youth, connect, and share

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Andy Bobowski, Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement with Backrs, who highlights the social impact organization that leverages a digital platform to connect high school and first-gen college students with adults from across the U.S. who support them personally, professionally, and financially. Leveraging its innovative, user-friendly technology, Backrs gives adults the opportunity to empower a young person right from their computers or phones in just 10-15 minutes per week. During the interview, Andy discusses the platform and how it works. He shares testimonials of impact from both the student proteges and adult mentors, and he talks about the importance and benefits of employers participating as backrs to invest directly in their communities while growing as coaches and forming relationships with the young men and women who could become the future leaders for their company and city.

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