Coach Bill Courtney’s new podcast: “An Army of Normal Folks”

Our country’s problems will be solved by An Army of Normal Folks just deciding “hey, I can help.”

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Coach Bill Courtney, who is the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary, “Undefeated,” Founder of Classic American Hardwoods, Inc., Author of “Against the Grain,” and host of the new podcast, “An Army of Normal Folks,” who shares what led him to join with the nonprofit, Iron Light Labs, to launch the podcast. The podcast aims to inspire listeners and present fascinating models that can be replicated in their own communities.

All individuals are invited to join An Army of Normal Folks. A grassroots movement led by Coach Bill Courtney, former volunteer football coach at Manassas High School and the subject of the 2012 Academy Award-winning documentary, “Undefeated,” An Army of Normal Folks brings together Americans of all stripes committed to “doing what we can.” Bill and his fellow change makers believe that by taking action in ordinary but meaningful ways, such as volunteering, donating and changing even only one other person’s life, An Army of Normal Folks can make all the difference.

During the interview, Bill shares his perspective on the importance of the podcast, talks about the intersection of discipline and passion and why that matters for creating change, and discusses how listeners can take action to help create a movement locally and nationally.

Visit to learn more and to subscribe to the podcast and community.

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