Forbes: The Things To Know Before You Go On A Show

As a producer and host of television and radio shows, along with a podcast and webisodes, almost every day I have the honor of interviewing business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are making a difference. Where traditionally we would invite guests into the production studio, with Covid-19, we are now using Zoom and other online platforms to record the interviews.

With this type of technology becoming mainstream and more advanced, in terms of video and audio capabilities, it is easier now than ever before to schedule and take advantage of media interviews. For you as the guest, this provides powerful new opportunities to share your story, connect with new audiences and leverage these media opportunities for growth.

An opportunity for growth means you need to take it seriously, and you need to be prepared. As the saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance. So here are some questions to ask and things you need to know before you go on a show that will allow you to deliver with the highest level of impact.

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